Messages From Nevada Psychologists Association

We may all agree there is no such thing as a magic formula that will make a person psychologically healthy person. Being psychologically healthy is much more than being disease free. Many psychologists believe that psychological health is closer to universal value than any other values and morals in human society. For sure it is hard to reduce human body and mind functioning on scientific analysis and make standards by which is someone happy, well-being and healthy person. Usually, it is understood as good functioning and adjustment within some acceptable boundaries and rules to survive in some community connected with keeping psychological health by staying happy. Some tips may help you going that way.

Accepting yourself

Nevada Psychologists Association

Loving yourself is a special part of your way to achieving healthy mind and body at the same time. Self-acceptance is a crucial thing for positive emotion and motivation. The more you accept yourself more will the others around you. Power of believing in yourself, your skills and valuing you as a unique form makes power we all underestimate.

Change is good

We all heard that famous sentence about going with the flow. Flexibility and change willing makes you more adaptable and better adjusted. Inflexibility makes more chances to experience resistance and straining yourself in order just to maintain your posture. Change is what makes developing yourself and worrying about making mistakes is a natural thing to except in that way.


Nobody doesn’t feel good when being all the time told to do what they don’t want to. Of course sometimes adaption to other people’s values and desires in normal thing to do but in some amount of keeping the sense of importance and freedom always at the proper level. It is very important to keep control over some personal decisions to retain a healthy sense of self-determination.


Today it is very hard to connect with other people despite fast, modern lives where everybody stares at their mobile phones, live in the mega cities where it is hard to stay close to our family and friends. All that huge grow of social media, Internet and mobile network may create false connection making keeping people in a “healthy” social functioning. But it is important to remember, a healthy relationship of any type consists of a lot of tolerance, honest communication, responsible acting and true expressing of yourself. All this with including true desire wishes feelings and values is far above from cyber taster clicking.

Finding a meaningful personal goal and devoting yourself to achieve them while also appreciating the beautiful things around us is a great way to get started to keep a healthy state of mind and body.